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Tina Cross as "Grizzabella"


Promotional Poster


Final touch-ups on Lynda before photo shoot

Ray Columbus


Sweeney Todd and his Victim

Jesse as "Johanna"

Ross Girven as "Sweeney Todd"

Antonia Prebble

"A View From The Bridge" promotional poster. Worked with George Henare, Robbie Magasiva, Anna Julienne, Annie Wittle, Bruce Philips and Jarod Rawiri for the season of the show

One of my projects as "Head of Make-up and Design" for Wizard of Oz

George Henare as Lion

Olivia Tennet as Dorothy



Kritian Lavercombe as Scarecrow


Lisa Chappell and

Robbie Rakete



Tin Man


Nic Kyle as Tin Man


Raymond Hawthorne as

The wizard of Oz


The Civic with Wizard of

Oz Promotion Picture


The Good Witch with

the Munchkins



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